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Calculate for SpaceClaim

A tool which subtracts required data for price calculations from the 2D/3D models with a single click. Calculate enables you to classify sheet metal parts, tube parts and other parts and generates all data required to make an exact price calculation per part or per assembly.


  • Quickly distinguish between sheet, tube and other
  • Combine unique parts
  • An export of STEP / DXF per part
  • Export with data required for price calculation


From an assemly, this function automatically classifies the sheet metal parts and tubes (round and rectangular). The user can manually assign the following classes to a part:

  • Tube
  • Sheet metal
  • Buy
  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Other

Unique components:

It happens that in assembly drawings there exists identical components, but these are not related to each other. This means that each component is recognized as an unique component and this is also shown on the bill of material. With the Compare function, all components are checked per class. For identical components which are not related, the relation is created which results in a correct bill of material.


For all components in the assembly the data is extracted based on the geometry, to prepare for price and time calculations. You can think of surface areas, cutting contours, thickness and number of bends for sheet metal and the tube profile, length and number of features for tubes.

2D (DXF)

It is also possible to extract the data for 2D drawings, in DXF format. Via the user dialog you can easily add the thickness and material of the parts. Based on the drawing layers, the cutting contours, bend lines and engravings are recognized.

Multi import

Instead of calculating for the active design in SpaceClaim, Calculate also offers the possibility to import a bill of material. Here you can indicate the material, thickness, ordernumber and delivery date. Another option is to drag and drop files from windows explorer into Calculate itself.


Multi export

After the calculation, it is possible to export all separate components as a STEP or DXF file. These files can be used in the next step of the process. The extracted data for all parts is exported in a bill of material in CSV/XML format.

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