Accelerate for SpaceClaim

A tool that drastically speeds up your engineering process.
Accelerate for SpaceClaim is developed on the basis of customer needs and is periodically supplemented according to feedback from the users. All tasks that are time-consuming and error-prone without this module are automated. This allows you to fully focus on the design of the product and not on all peripheral issues. These peripheral issues and many clicks are captured in Accelerate for SpaceClaim.

Sheet metal automation

A must-have for sheet metal users. Accelerate for SpaceClaim contains some very interesting features in the field of sheet metal:
  • NAutomatic removal of all sheet metal parts
  • NUnfold check
  • NAutomatic export from an export dialogue
  • NAutomatic naming of your export files
  • NIndicate the foil side and grinding direction
  • NDetermine the colours of the DXF (cutting file)
  • NDetermine which layers should be exported
  • NAutomatically create a folder in which your files will be stored
  • NSort by plate thickness, material or name


For quickly adding and replacing standard parts. Fill your own library based on the Windows Explorer structure.

Production drawings automation

For the time being in SpaceClaim it is only possible to open, export and name every production drawing one by one. This is very prone to errors, as you can easily overlook a drawing. The tools for the production drawings solve this problem:
  • NWith 1 button you can see all working drawings in your project.
  • NSelect which drawing you want to export or print
  • NYou will see a preview of the work drawing
  • NDefine the automatic name
  • NChoice of any size

Accelerate for SpaceClaim

Export other formats

Quickly and easily select the components to be exported to another format. This tool does this in batches.

Export a complete layer

Assign components to a standard or custom layer. This can be part of a large composition or all your tubes in the composition. This tool immediately exports a complete layer to the desired format including a parts list. Useful for ordering lists or controlling your CAM system.

3D model to CAM software (Libellula)

Allow the tool to automatically extract and export all sheet metal parts to Libellula. All details are included in the DXF, including engravings that are already indicated in 3D. Within minutes from a complete composition to a nest and cutting plan. For more information about Libellula, please visit

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