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Construct for SpaceClaim

Focus on the design, automate the rest.

Construct for SpaceClaim is a tool that simplifies designing constructions. The tool is developed with the idea to simplify and automate designing constructions. For example, think of designing frames based on a selection of lines, or adding standard fasteners or base/cap plates with a single click.

Frame Generator

  • Create a frame from a wireframe using standard profiles.

  • Add or adjust joints

  • Create a Bill of Material

  • Export all components as a separate file


Addition of standard:

  • Base plate
  • Cap plate
  • Support
  • Flange


  • Simple addition of standard fasteners
  • Identical holes without a fastener are recognized automatically
  • Add/adjust parameters of the fasteners manually


  • Create connectors with a single click
  • Works for many shapes such as sheetmetal and tubes/pipes
  • Define the connector shape based on parameters

Extra capabilities:

In addition to the tools presented above, there are some more functions that speed up the design process:

  • Engraving: Add an engraving or note with a single click on (multiple) faces
  • Rib CutOut: Connect ribs due to cutouts
  • Custom Property: Add custom document or component properties based on a customizable template.
  • Profile: Quickly create beams/tubes/pipes according to defined profiles and parameters.

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